Getting Pregnant

Conception is the second step of pregnancy. Just after planning, the couple should take necessary precautions and start concentrating on conceiving. Conceiving needs the proper time and a bit of practice. The couple should be well aware of the time to get pregnant. The sexual life of the couple must be made as much as […]

7 Signs of Bad Parenting

Parenting is an art . It is the most difficult responsibility that a couple takes on. Being a good parent is not at all an easy task. Parenting is the process of raising a kid and instilling in him the right kind of attitude, morals and values. Bad parenting results in improper development of the […]


Parenting is a complex process that involves lot of hard work, patience, time and energy. It is the greatest responsibility that aims in proper and all round development of a child. Parenting is not a very easy process of just raising a child. A good parent must take care of the child’s social, moral, physical […]