The 3 phases of pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most critical stage of a woman as this is the time when she needs the maximum protection, love and care. The support of her partner is very much needed at this time for both her physical as well as her mental health. There are three phases or stages of pregnancy which a […]

7 must have diet tips for would be mothers

  A pregnant woman must be very careful about what she eats. Eating healthy and proper food is very much necessary for the proper health and growth of the foetus. A mum-to-be must always follow a carefully chalked out balanced diet. The diet should comprise all the necessary nutrients which are necessary for the growing […]

Getting Pregnant

Conception is the second step of pregnancy. Just after planning, the couple should take necessary precautions and start concentrating on conceiving. Conceiving needs the proper time and a bit of practice. The couple should be well aware of the time to get pregnant. The sexual life of the couple must be made as much as […]

Planning a Pregnancy

  Pregnancy is the most crucial period of a woman’s  life. Planning a pregnancy is  very important in order to deliver a healthy baby. Having a baby is a matter of great joy and excitement  for the couple but proper planning and necessary precautions should be taken during this period. A couple should start planning […]

Why teenage pregnancy is a big concern and how to prevent it?

Teenage pregnancy is a major concern which must be attended immediately. A pregnant teen undergoes a lot of psychological trauma and needs attention to help her handle the situation. There are many causes for the occurrence of teenage pregnancy. Most of the teenage pregnancies that take place today are unintentional. Although some of them want […]