Stress, Storm and Pain of Adoloscence

storm, stress and pain during adolescence


Boys and girls(13-19) not only undergo physical changes but also a rapid hormonal change. This is called puberty. This is the time when rapid hormonal changes take place in one’s body. Puberty in girls appears during 10-11 years and 11-13 years in boys. The appearance of secondary sexual characteristics are observed during this phase

Adolescence is the time period between puberty and adulthood. It is often described as the period of stress, storm and pain. This is the time when adolescents not only faces physical changes but also a rapid psychological and emotional change. This happens due to hormonal changes inside the body and may also lead to mood swings and depression.

The various physical changes that take place during this time are discussed below.

Physical changes observed in girls during adolescence signifying the girl’s journey towards adulthood are discussed below:-

1)     Development of breasts is seen during early adolescence

2)     Appearance of pubic hair

3)     Hair in the armpit is also noticed

4)     Soon after the growth of breasts the girl feels signs of menarche ( the onset of menstruation) and also experiences a whitish vaginal discharge which is absolutely normal.

5)     An increase in height is also observed during this period.

6)     Increase in the hip size may also be noticed.



Physical changes observed in boys during adolescence:- 

1)     Rapid increase in height

2)     Appearance of pubic hair

3)     Appearance of hair in the armpit

4)     Broadening of the shoulder

5)     Change of voice

6)     Erection of penis and night ejaculation is a very common problem in adolescent boys

7)     Growth of the penis and with reddening and folding of the skin.


Parents must be very careful in dealing with adolescents at home. This is a very crucial period and is often termed as the period of  stress, storm and pain. Due to hormonal changes in the body an adolescent may suffer from mood swings and depression which is very common. This is the time when an adolescent takes interest in the changes taking place in his/her body and hence privacy is very much needed by adolescents during this time. This is the time when an adolescent gets attracted to the opposite sex. There is nothing to be worried if a parent finds his/her child indulging in discussion regarding sexual topics. Adolescence is the time period when a child undergoes both physical and emotional changes and hence should be handled with care and affection.



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