Why teenage pregnancy is a big concern and how to prevent it?

teenage pregnancy

How to prevent teenage pregnancy?e

Teenage pregnancy is a major concern which must be attended immediately. A pregnant teen undergoes a lot of psychological trauma and needs attention to help her handle the situation. There are many causes for the occurrence of teenage pregnancy. Most of the teenage pregnancies that take place today are unintentional. Although some of them want to have babies but most of them fall prey to forced or unwanted sexual intercourse. Let us take a close look at the various causes of teenage pregnancy.

Frequent sexual activity increases the chances of teenage pregnancy. It has now become very common to indulge in sexual activity at a very early age and sometimes just after attaining puberty. This naturally increases the chances of getting pregnant. Teenagers are less mature and most of the time unaware of the consequences of their acts. Hence, cases of unwanted teenage pregnancies are on the rise.

Here comes the question of sex education. Proper sex education by parents at home and by teachers at school is very much necessary. Guiding the adolescents into a proper track is very important during this period as it is the most crucial and the most vulnerable period. Educating the teenagers about their body parts, reproductive organs, about the bodily changes, teenage sex and its consequences and prevention form an important part of the adolescent’s healthy growth. Making them aware of the environment will prevent them from committing any mistake and will make them more careful in the future.

Lack of use of contraception is another cause of teenage pregnancy. They have to be guided and to be taught properly about the contraceptive measures and how to use them effectively. There are various birth control measures and hence using them at the proper time will prevent teenage pregnancies and also protect them from sexually transmitted diseases thus making teenage sex a safer one.

Teenage is the most crucial period as the teenage girls are often the victims of sexual abuse and harassment. This is one of the most important cause of unwanted pregnancies. Girls are highly fertile during this time and easily get pregnant. Girls should at least be made aware of the occurrence of rape and forced sexual intercourse.

Teenage is not the right age for getting pregnant as rearing up a child involves a lot of commitment and maturity which the teenagers generally lack. The number of wanted pregnancies during the teenage is much less compared to the unintentional ones. This is evident from the high rate of increased teenage abortions.

Therefore to minimize the number of  teenage abortions, the emotional stress and psychological trauma attached with unwanted pregnancies, proper sex education during adolescence  and proper guidance is very much necessary. The schools should also undertake proper training programs to educate the children in this field and help them understand their own good. Sex education classes should be conducted at regular intervals. Asking your teen not to have sex is not the right way of handling such issues. But training them in the right manner is the best path to prevent them from committing mistakes.

The myths regarding teenage pregnancies that teens get pregnant to receive certain benefits so that they do not have to look for jobs and can lead a more or less luxurious life is not always true.  Many researches  have been conducted which proved this notion to be completely false.


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