Challenges of toddler development and growth

toddler development stages


Now that you have made it through the very very crucial first few years of life of your child, and that your little kid has turned into a toddler, some real challenges are just about to greet you that you might be unaware of. This is the reason why parenting is full of pleasant surprises during the growth phase of toddler development. Here in this article we shall deal with the aspects of positive parenting during toddler development. We shall consider the case of a toddler when the child learns the basic developmental skills of life. This is the age when the child slowly develops the cognitive skills and can respond to simple commands. The child tries to imitate sounds, can utter some words, can connect names with objects and can also respond to his/her name.

The preschool years are the most enchanting years of the developmental age of a child. Your child will grow not only in age but also in experience every minute. Toddlers are one of the most furious learners. He learns to practice self-respect, self-control, starts developing a personality at this age. The toddler also learns a new life skill every now and then. But there is a cloud attached to every silver lining, this age of your child is not without its own downsides. A toddler will occasionally display bad mood syndrome, will throw tantrums, be stubborn and whine at times. As a parent these instances will be when you will face the acid test of being a good parent. Everybody can enjoy the nice moments of a child’s growing up but tiding over the bad moments is what takes quality and patience.

During this age you have to guard your child passively. This means that you let him or her so what they want but keep a tab on them that they are not doing anything wrong. At this age a preschooler does not understand the difference between good and bad and hence would need your guidance.

3 Important mistakes that should be avoided by parents while handling a toddler.
1) Loud voice – A parent should always be soft towards his/her toddler .Scolding in a loud voice will have a negative impact on your child’s development. Make him understand his mistake in a soft manner. Harsh behavior towards your toddler may result your child entering into a phase of trauma and depression.

2) Over protection – Over protecting your toddler will not make him/her a responsible and an independent person in future. Slowly try to inculcate good values into your child and patiently make him/her aware of the consequences of his acts.

3) Spoiling – Make your toddler understand the need of a particular thing. Do not spoil your child by giving everything your child wants. Politely let him/her know that throwing tantrums or whining will not get him/her the desired thing right at that moment.

So, parents should develop the right approach of developing a toddler into healthy, responsible and independent citizen of the future. Teaching a toddler involves a lot patience and time and hence must be very careful while dealing with them.

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