Diet tips for Preschoolers (2-5years)

A healthy and a balanced diet is very much necessary for a preschooler. A preschooler is in a stage of rapid growth and development and hence needs proper food and in the right proportion. Mothers need to be very much aware of the bodily requirements of her child and should make the right choice of food and in the right quantity. A child is very much active during this stage and hence needs adequate food to cater to his high level of energy demand. Nutritious food rich in vitamins and minerals is needed to keep a preschooler fit, active and healthy.

Occasional Treats for preschooler

Ocassional Treats!

Preschoolers tend to get attracted to colours.So try to make his meal as much colourful and interesting as possible. Mothers should try to maintain the original colours of food while cooking. Food served to preschoolers should be tasty but less spicy. Giving boiled food to them is a very wrong approach as it would affect their appetite and reduce their urge to eat. Wholesome meals from all the food groups should be included and is very much necessary for the proper diet of a preschooler. Junk food should be avoided as far as possible. Occasional reward can be given in the form of treats. A preschooler should be given iron rich foods such as lean meat, whole grain bread, peanut butter etc. Vitamin D is an essential element for the proper development of the child’s bone. Mothers should include foods rich in Vitamin D such as oily fish, fortified -milk, eggs etc for the proper synthesis of vitamin D in the child’s body.

Children at this age can be very fussy about eating food. Mothers should not fight with them but try to present the dish in a more palatable and an acceptable form. Preschoolers are even attracted towards interesting shapes and sizes. Try to give them the less wanted food in an interesting manner so that they are attracted towards it. If you are giving a sandwich, keep the size short and try to make it colourful as much as possible.

The best way to make your child acquainted with the various foods is to serve him meals with the family. In this way he will develop good food habits and table manners. Involvement with the family will also help his language development through the process of conversation with his family members. Make him realize slowly the nutritional value of a food which he avoids rather than forcing him to have one. Tasty foods are always preferred by preschoolers. They avoid foods which do not appeal to their taste buds. Hence making tasty food with the minimum application of spices should be the main concern of their mothers.

preschooler diet

Bake a Cake!

Proper food is necessary to boost up a child’s energy level and keep him fit and active. Try to serve a child homemade food as much as possible. Bake a cake at home rather than buying him a pastry! Always remember nutritious diet helps a child fight diseases and prevent him from obesity and other disorders. This will help a child grow into a physically strong and healthy individual in future.

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