7 must have diet tips for would be mothers


Balanced diet to be eaten during pregnancy

Balanced Diet

A pregnant woman must be very careful about what she eats. Eating healthy and proper food is very much necessary for the proper health and growth of the foetus. A mum-to-be must always follow a carefully chalked out balanced diet. The diet should comprise all the necessary nutrients which are necessary for the growing foetus. The nutrition of the baby must be kept in mind throughout the whole phase of pregnancy. Food must be taken from all the food groups to ensure a rich, healthy and nutritious diet.
Folic acid, iron and calcium must be taken in high amount by pregnant mothers. Junk food should be limited to the minimum as it contains the least amount of nutrients and is unhealthy for both the mother and the child.

The five main food groups that should be kept in mind by the would-be-mothers while planning her balanced diet:

1) grains, cereals, and pulses

2) milk and other dairy products

3) protein

4) fruits and vegetables

5) fats and oils

Diet during pregnancy must include:

1) green leafy vegetables such as spinach, radish leaves etc

2) citrus fruits such as oranges, muskmelon etc.

3) nuts such as walnut, almonds, apricot etc

4) milk and dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter etc

5) pulses and cereals

6) fish, eggs and meat should be taken twice to thrice a week to increase the iodine intake

7)freshly made drinks such as shakes and fruit juices

Green leafy vegetables for pregnant mother

Vegetables, Fruits and Protein

Mixed fruits during pregnancy


Protein for pregnant mother


Apart from these, a pregnant woman must try to drink at least 8 glasses of water to avoid dehydration. Intake of alcohol and smoking should be strictly avoided during pregnancy. Alcohol my lead to physical defects and emotional problems in children. Pregnancy is a very crucial phase and hence the diet should be planned very carefully in order to provide the necessary nutrients to the baby in the right proportion. Calcium, folic acid, iron and vitamin c should be consumed by pregnant women in high amount. A pregnant mother must cut down on her intake of caffeine as it increases the chances of miscarriages. She must not take canned food containing preservatives but should eat freshly made, properly cooked food. Raw and uncooked food should be avoided during this time.

5 important tips on healthy pregnancy diet

a) Fluids should be consumed at regular intervals to prevent dehydration. Staying hydrated is very important during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. She should also consume milk and fruit juices in the right proportion.

b) Proper intake of vitamins and minerals are very much necessary. Calcium, iron and folic acid should be consumed in the right proportion. Multivitamins should be taken by mothers regularly. Anaemic mothers should take iron supplements.

c) A pregnant woman should not drink or smoke as these may take a negative toll on health of the child. She should not take caffeinated drinks and must limit her intake of coffee and tea.

d) A would-be-mother must be very conscious about her intake of drugs and must consult a doctor before taking any of them.

e) Last but not the least a pregnant mother must take small meals at regular intervals. Oily food and items which causes acidity must be avoided.

Thus we see that diet during pregnancy involves a lot of planning. A balanced diet is what a would-be mother needs which consists of all the necessary nutrients and food from all the main food groups. This ensures a good health of both the mother and the child.

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