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getting pregnant

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Conception is the second step of pregnancy. Just after planning, the couple should take necessary precautions and start concentrating on conceiving. Conceiving needs the proper time and a bit of practice. The couple should be well aware of the time to get pregnant. The sexual life of the couple must be made as much as enjoyable as possible in order to make the process of getting pregnant an easy one. Some  important points should be taken care of before conceiving.

The couple should share a strong emotional and physical bonding with each other. Proper physical satisfaction is very essential for the woman to conceive easily. Having and raising a child involves lot of responsibilities and sacrifice. The couple should conceive only when they are aware of their duties and responsibilities. Both the partners have to be willing and fully participate in carrying out their duties in rearing up the child. Women during pregnancy need lot of psychological support from her partner. This is not possible unless the couple share a strong emotional bonding. Hence not only the mother but also the father has to be very supportive.

Secondly rearing up of a child not only involves responsibilities but also strong financial condition. The parents must be financially secured before conceiving. They must have a lot of money saved both for themselves and for the child.


Women loses their fertility with their age. Hence the best time to get pregnant is in the twenties. Pregnancy after thirty in women can cause various complications. So conceiving at the right time is very important in order to deliver a healthy baby.

Having intercourse during the fertile phase of the woman increases the chances of getting pregnant. Women start ovulating during the days 12 to 14 of her menstrual cycle. This is the most fertile period of a woman. So intercourse should be done at this time for fast conception. Having intercourse every other day during this period is recommendable for fast conception. Many couples fail to conceive because they do not have intercourse during this fertile phase of the woman. So the woman must be aware of her time of ovulation. There are ovulation kits available which helps the would-be mother determine her days of ovulation.

The couple should enjoy and feel relaxed when having intercourse because stress can delay the time and has a negative impact on conception. Both the partners should remain tension free during this period. The partners should not indulge in the thought of having a baby and pressurize themselves rather enjoy the whole process of love making.

To make the process fast and quick it is said that the partners should have sex in the early morning or in the afternoon. This is because men normally have erections in the morning and the sperm count is highest in the morning. Hence the partners should indulge in love making in the morning as this increases the chances of getting pregnant.

The chances of getting pregnant is increased if both the partners reach orgasm at the same time. It is seen that at the time of orgasm an alkaline secretion is created in the vagina which is preferred by the sperm rather than the acidic one. Hence proper orgasm in both the male and the female is required as it fosters the process of conception.

Right positioning also matters and contributes in conception.we should avoid such positions where the woman is on top. The woman should allow the sperm to remain in the vagina as long as possible. The woman should try keeping a pillow under her hips as that will prevent the sperm to leak out. The missionary position i.e, man on top is the most advisable position as this allows deepest possible penetration. Doggy style i.e, rear-entry position is also recommendable. Raising the hips of he woman can be done in order to hasten the process of conception.

The above points if followed will help in fast and quick conception and will also make the whole process of love making a real enjoyable one which is very much necessary for conception. Getting pregnant is not that difficult as one may think it to be. Women get pregnant within one year of trying. If it dosen’t happen the couple should consult a doctor and undergo treatment if either of them is diagnosed with any complication.

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