Planning a Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most crucial period of a woman’s  life. Planning a pregnancy is  very important in order to deliver a healthy baby. Having a baby is a matter of great joy and excitement  for the couple but proper planning and necessary precautions should be taken during this period. A couple should start planning their pregnancy several months before in order to avoid complications.


planning a pregnancy

Building blocks of pregnancy

1)    A woman must be aware of the right time to get pregnant. The ideal time for a woman to get pregnant is in her twenties.  At this time the body is fully grown and capable of carrying a baby. Delaying the time of pregnancy may give rise to various complications. Getting pregnant at the right time is a very important issue for the delivery of a healthy baby.
2)    Infections have a negative impact on both the mother and the foetus. Infections can be very harmful for the foetus and may cause severe illness in the child. Infections may also get transmitted through sexual contact. So a mother should undergo a thorough check up before getting pregnant.

Alcohol pregnancy

Say no to smoking and alcohol


3) Alcohol in man causes damage to the sperm and  also has a negative impact to the man’s fertility. Alcohol in women increases the risks of miscarriages and other complications. So a woman planning to get pregnant should stop drinking and smoking and taking drugs as these have a harmful effect on the foetus.



Stop using contraceptive.


4) Contaceptives prevent a woman from getting pregnant. A woman should stop using contraceptives several months before planning to get pregnant. She must have atleast two normal cycles before succeeding in getting pregnant.




Stop harmful pills.


5) Prior to conception, a woman must consult her doctor regarding her existing medical status and health. She should stop taking such pills which may have a negative imapact on the child. She should not even take sleeing pills or pain killers without consulting the doctor. Awareness of a woman regarding her present health condition is very much important before planning to conceive.


healthy diet for pregnancy

Healthy Diet.

6) Both the partners should undergo a lifestyle modification atleast 3months before planning a pregnancy.Proper diet especially for the mother is very much necessary in order to deliver a healthy baby.A woman planning to get pregnant should eat a diet rich in folic acid as deficiency in folic acid results into various birth defects. Thus both the partners should consume a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Parents should take cautious steps before planning a pregnancy and keep in mind the above mentioned points in order to deliver a healthy baby.

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