Parenting is a complex process that involves lot of hard work, patience, time and energy. It is the greatest responsibility that aims in proper and all round development of a child. Parenting is not a very easy process of just raising a child. A good parent must take care of the child’s social, moral, physical and cognitive needs as well.
The important question is… What makes a good parent??
Right from wrong

It is the duty of a good parent to help the child differentiate right from wrong. Parents should inform the child about the various wrong deeds which he should avoid. A child should be able to make the right choices for himself. A child in his process of growing up is bound to commit mistakes. But it is the responsibility of the parents to make him aware of his mistakes and help the child in taking right decisions in the future.
Role model

Try to be a role model for your child. Practice what you preach. The child should be able to learn from his parents. Don’t ask the child to do something which you do not follow.

Love and care

A child always seeks love, care and affection from his parents. A child should never feel unwanted at home. The parents should provide their child with a warm and lovable surrounding. A soft kiss or a gentle hug gives the child a strong sense of security. It is the duty of the parents to praise their children.  A little praise helps in boosting up their level of self –confidence.

Don’t compare

Never compare your child with  other children. Comparison is not at all healthy for the child’s development. This may instill in the child a sense of  inferiority complex. So a good parent should never criticize and compare his child with others.

Listen to your child

A good parent should always spend time with his child. He should talk to his child and listen to his problems. A good parent must also be a good listener. Don’t always impose things on your child. Make it a point to share his views and ideas as well. This will also help in keeping away communication gaps beween the child and the parent. Spending quality time and keeping your child engaged in various activities also helps in moulding the child’s personality.

Adolescence training

A child goes through various stages before becoming an adult. Adolescence is the most crucial period of one’s life. It is considered to be the period of  storm stress and pain. It is during this time that parents perform the most important role. The parents should keep his child informed about the various bodily changes that will take place during his adolescence. The child should be able to accept these changes sportingly and gradually proceed towards adulthood. The mother generally takes the leading role in educating her child in this respect. The child may become aggressive, violent or may be seen depressed all the time. These behavioural changes take place due to the various hormonal changes that take place in one’s body. So the parent should inform the child about the changes well ahead of time and help the child to cope up with  the changes without difficulty.

So a good parent must always stand by his child and help him overcome all the difficulties and develop a positive attitude towards life. Good parenting is very much necessary for the all round development of the child. The character, personalitiy, behaviour of the child reflects the type of parenting he receives.

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