7 Signs of Bad Parenting

Parenting is an art . It is the most difficult responsibility that a couple takes on. Being a good parent is not at all an easy task. Parenting is the process of raising a kid and instilling in him the right kind of attitude, morals and values. Bad parenting results in improper development of the child which ultimately results in creating a nuisance in the society. So parents must be very careful while rearing up a child and avoid such activities which has a negative impact on the child.

Signs of bad parenting

A parent must have a clear notion of what makes a bad parent. He should be aware of the consequences of bad parenting and work accordingly.
The various signs of bad parenting are discussed below.

1. Neglecting

The child suffers from insecurity if he feels that he or she is neglected. A child should be loved and not neglected. A child should never feel unwanted. A good parents should always try to provide the child with strong sense of security. A child seeks his parents’ love and affection and not their negligence and ignorance. Avoiding may result into creating a feeling of loneliness in the child.

2. Criticizing and comparing

Every child has some fault or the other. Nobody is superior to anybody. Criticizing and comparing one’s child with others is a very bad habit which should be avoided. Criticizing a child is very easy but rectifying is difficult. Never demoralize a child but encourage him with the right spirit.

3. Physical and verbal abuse

Don’t abuse the child physically or verbally. This leaves a long lasting negative impact on the child. A parent should use the right language while scolding the child. Scolding  should also be done in a polished way. A child is very sensitive to rude and harsh behaviour. So a child should be handled in a very delicate manner.

4. Pampering

There is a difference between loving your child and and pampering them. Too much of anything is bad. Pampering ultimately leads to development of  various negative traits in the child. The child may become arrogant, rude, and excessively demanding. Pampering your child is not the way to show your love for your child. Don’t blindly love your child but slowly make him understand the harsh realities of life.

5. Force

Forcing the child to work according to his parents’ wishes is another common practice which again have a negative impact on the child. A good parent should respect his child’s decision and help him to attain success. Forcing results in restricting the child’s own thought process and decision making power. Give your child space and avoid unnecessary interference in his life.

6. Shouting and screaming

Shouting at your child is a very unhealthy way of scolding your child. The child may in this case become aggressive and violent. Always try to make your child understand his mistakes and give him time to rectify them. Shouting and screaming does not help in making your child realize his mistakes.

7. Punishment

Punishing your child unnecessarily should be avoided. Punishment for every little matter will ultimately bring in a stage when the child will become indifferent to the idea of punishment. A good parent should avoid harsh discipline and also stop punishing the child for every small deed.

These are just a few parenting flaws which a parent should take note of while raising a kid.

Thus we see that parenting is an art which requires lot of attention , time and energy. A good parent is always respected and loved. It is the duty of the parents to look after the child”s all round development and ensure his proper progress.

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  2. Other than pampering I think my mother adopted everyone of these tactics and it’s wierd how it’s almost describing me in the article.

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